Thursday, July 5, 2012


February – March 2012

Artists Proposed
Charmi Gada Shah, Maadol Mukherjee, Soazic Guezennec, Grandmother India, Mukul Deora, Pat, Vivek Vilasini, Ratna Gupta, Ali Akbar Mehta, Munir Kabani, Rajendra Kapse

In a city like Mumbai, there are many times when we experience a moment of beauty, the observation of a detail or a revelation within, but this moment of sudden clarity is immediately vaporized by the distraction and chaos of an accelerated life. In growing cosmopolitan environments survival and competition hypnotize the mind into mechanized robots and it becomes increasingly exasperating to cope with an internal emotional calling. This unnoticed compromise becomes a way of life, leading to a vapid existence in search of the ‘soul’ of the universe.
With incessant redefinition of technology, fashion and media, we are becoming victims of this system, which feeds into mind space until we no longer have the inclination to pause and absorb a moment of penetrated truth.

Our vanity, desires, our abstract intelligence, our tendency to simulate, our habits and our passions have been evolving relentlessly, and it is the engagement in art where we undo the external influences and decipher the language of this clarity.

Without a warning, this moment appears with an element of contemplative surprise, which feels like slow motion in fast paced environs, and passes by so quickly before it could be shared with a witness.
“Did Anyone Notice.?” And before you turn back, it’s gone.
To stop and think. To absorb.
To notice.

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